What is Viewtiful.Photography?

Viewtiful.Photography brings together a wide range of talented photographers, showcasing their work through high-quality wall art which can be purchased directly and exclusively from Viewtiful.Photography.  You can view images by location, collection or photographer, or if you know a particular spot of which you’d like to find a photo, use our interactive map feature.  You can also find images using the search bar on our homepage for a particular type of photograph, for example, puffins!

Our Story

Founder of Viewtiful.Photography, Ben Mullay, is a qualified photographer who also owns the Camera Centre, Shetland Island’s only independent photographic store.

Customers of the Camera Centre often ask Ben if he has any photos of a specific location, or if he knows which photographer has taken a particular image they have seen. Shetland’s outstanding beauty inspires a whole host of photographers who, regardless of their skills or social media following, may not have the time or infrastructure to take their photos to the wider public for purchase.

The idea for a collaborative photo website for Shetland images was born, to meet the demand from across the isles and beyond, bringing together consumers and photographers through a convenient and bespoke platform.

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