Kaylee Garrick (Team Hobbitpaws)

Kaylee Garrick (Team Hobbitpaws)

Founding Member

Kaylee is a paramedic from Scalloway who spends her free time taking photos of her eight four legged companions. She and the dogs have a worldwide fanbase and enjoy making people laugh through their quirky, colourful shots utilising beautiful Shetland backdrops. They have raised tens of thousands for charity through the calendar they release every year and have helped to teach hundreds of people a vital life-saving skill through their "Don't PAWS, Start CPR" campaign. "Team Hobbitpaws" (as they're known globally through social media) have a passion for promoting well-being, spreading joy and sharing information on the history and culture surrounding the islands they call home and love so much. Kaylee particularly loves "themed" photos and creating a story surrounding the pictures she produces to draw people into them

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