Brian Gray

Brian Gray

Founding Member

Shetland is a great place to live and photograph.  Throughout the year, from low winter suns to the perpetual daylight of summer, familiar places always look a little different.  Add to that the different lighting from the changing weather and there’s always a new way to see something.  For me, photographing what I see on any given day is fascinating as you may never see that same combination of conditions quite the same again. 

Catching and sharing those unique scenes through photography is all part of the fun – and it is fun, I love it. I’ve lived in Shetland all my life. I’ve been to a lot of its places and seen a lot of its sights.  But there are still places I haven’t been and they’re on a to-do list.  Then there are places I have already been to that I want to visit again, but maybe in a storm or maybe at night or maybe in the snow.  It’s always changing, it’s always fun.  I’ll take my camera with me when I go – who knows what there will be to see!

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